Jüry De Wulf


Jüry joined Gilde in January 2018. He started his career at EY Transaction Services in 2005, switching to Kharis Capital in 2015, where he worked on the acquisition of Quick Restaurants (and the introduction of Burger King on the Belgian market). Following this transaction he combined his responsibilities at Kharis with the role of CFO at Burger King and Quick. In 2016 he complemented his résumé with an executive MBA obtained from the Vlerick Business School.


+32 38 08 49 78


What brought you to private equity?
The fact that its scope includes all facets of a company: the human aspect, strategy, commerce and finance. Private equity is a dynamic environment: the stakes are high and the people are extremely competent, and you always have to be at the top of your game. Perseverance, unyielding, and always giving 100% are all key. What’s more, you actually help build the company too – can it get any better than that?
And why did you choose Gilde?
The human aspect was the main appeal for me. Gilde focuses much more on the people behind a company than just on the figures. It’s also a rare combination of top professionals mixed with humility. People with which you would happily work through the night when the need arises, and enjoy a beer or Coke with when it doesn’t. And you can add to all this the fact that Gilde is active in the mid-market, which I reckon is the best segment to work in.
What do you admire in entrepreneurs?
Their courage, vision, tenacity and decisiveness. And that’s not to mention their energy level, opportunism and continuous creativity. Magnificent. I don’t think you actually choose to become an entrepreneur; it’s something that is thrust on you. Entrepreneurship is world-class sport and I love participating in sports.
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