Jurgen van Breukelen

Associate Partner

Jurgen joined Gilde in 2019. During the 21 years since rounding off his studies in Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Jurgen has held several management positions at KPMG, including that of CEO of KPMG Netherlands and member of the Global Executive Team & Board of KPMG International. Furthermore, Jurgen also worked as Senior Adviser for private equity fund Permira Advisers and for Barclays Bank PLC. He also holds several managerial and advisory roles with: Euronext-listed company Altice (chairman of the supervisory board); the Urus Group; Alzheimer Nederland; and the Rotterdam School of Management.


+31 30 760 5910


Why did you choose Gilde - and private equity?
During my career I have held many advisory and managerial roles. But at Gilde I am at the heart of the action and able to work with exceptional managers and entrepreneurs. I am always in awe of the passion and perseverance it takes to turn an idea into a company, and the courage to seize opportunities that others cannot even see. I also admire the ability to successfully grow a business in pastures new. Entrepreneurs that can do this form the backbone of the economy and it’s fantastic to be able to support them through Gilde.
What do you look back on with satisfaction?
Before joining Gilde, one of the positions I held was chairman of the Van Gansewinkel Groep. When I arrived there the financial situation was pretty dire; they were heavily indebted and the collective property of about 40 different credit funds. More than 5,500 employees and their families depended on Van Gansewinkel. However, the management team saw and seized new business opportunities that would make the company profitable again and secure its future. Eventually, Van Gansewinkel merged with Shanks Group. Today, going under the name Renewi, they are the market leader in waste processing. I am very proud of the way the management tackled and turned around this complex situation.
What are you most proud of outside work?
The two marathons I ran, one in New York and one in Berlin. I ran them both with my then colleagues at KPMG. Striving to achieve a great physical objective and simultaneously raising money for Alzheimer’s was so gratifying. Serving on the board of Alzheimer Nederland for several years now, I know that every little bit makes a difference.